Saturday, 29 December 2012

Cisco Linksys Wireless Entertainment Bridge

The WES610N is a wireless bridge that connects to the existing home Wi-Fi router and has 4 Ethernet ports for your non-Wi-Fi device to hook on. Cisco labeled it 'entertainment' because it is catered for your media devices that does not have Wi-Fi capability but has Ethernet ports. For example, I have a AC Ryan Playon HD2 Full HD Media Player which I blogged about here. I have a 1TB HDD in the media player but my movies are from my NAS. So I am streaming my movies from my NAS to the media player using the proprietary Wireless-N USB dongle. However, the signal is not consistent and I would get severe lagging. It has affected my viewing pleasure. 

So I decide to get this Linksys WES610N Entertainment Bridge to connect my AC Ryan. I can also connect my Sony TV, my Wii and old PS2 if I want to.

So far, I have only tried the AC Ryan and the signal I get is very good. There is no lagging and the movies are quite smooth now.

Setting up is simple as my existing router was able to detect it quite fast.

At the moment, there are 2 wireless bridge by Cisco Linksys. This one and the other one is WUMC710 Wireless-AC Universal Media Connector.

Here are the unboxing photos:

Contents of the box

One thing I like about Cisco product, the plug can be inter-change.

The 4 Ethernet port.

The lights can be quite annoying as it blinks all the time. I have placed the wireless bridge behind my peripherals so that it does not distract.

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