Thursday, 20 December 2012

Travel Essentials: 4-Port USB Charger

I came across this device at the recent Sitex 2012. It is a USB Charger. It is quite a unique device. It comes with a British 3-pin adaptor but that can be inter-changed to other type of plugs. There are 4 powered USB slots which is very useful when traveling. The device is compact and flat, which is what travelers look for.

I came across something similar on Amazon here. The design, power input and output is similar to the one below.

The output voltage output is 2.1A is sufficient for the iPad 4th Generation, iPhone, Blackberry and cameras. Do note that the various plug attachments are sold separately.
According to the information above, there is output protection and it's certified.
The input voltage of AC100V means that a laptop power cable can be used as well.

The small rectangle on the body of the device is the release switch for the plug attachment.

Gives out a nice night light. Some people finds it annoying. I like it.

Works on the old iPhone 3GS.

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