Saturday, 31 January 2015

AVF Bluetooth Selfie Remote for Smartphone

I bought the AVF Selfie Remote from Viewnet in Low Yat in Kuala Lumpur late last year for RM19.00 (at the current exchange rate, it is equivalent to SGD7++) in the bargain bin. It is a simple device that uses bluetooth to pair with your Android or iPhone phone and uses the built-in camera app. In cases where it is not able to use the built-in camera app, it would need to use the Camera 360 app which is free. This would complement with a selfie monopod, which is the rage at the moment.

• Communication: Bluetooth Version 3.0

• Transmit frequency: 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz

• Communication distance: 10M(30ft)

• Battery life: CR2032 x 1 cell (about 6 months life under working in 10 times a day)

• Dimension: 50 x 33 x 10.5 mm

• Weight : about 9g

Most of the iDevices would need to use the Camera 360 app but Android devices can use the existing in-built camera app.

Unboxing photos:

Box: Front

Box: Back

Box: Left

Box: Right

Device: Front

Device: Back

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Bluelounge Sanctuary4

I blogged about the Apple OEM 15W 4-USB Desktop charger here. Although a good product to have around the house, it presents a messy problem. USB Cables are all over the place. From the photo below, I've used only 2 ports and it is already an eyesore. 

Cables, cables, all over.

I bought the Bluelouge Santuary4 to replace the Apple 4 USB Port cable messy problem from Omigo. The normal price for the Santuary4 is SGD139 but there is a 20% off. So the final price is SGD111.20 which is a good deal. Because it is a local website, I ordered on the 17th Nov 2014 and it arrived the next day.

Here are the unboxing photos.

Box: Front

Box: Back

Box: Back with details.

To charge multiple devices simultaneously. 4th version?

Box: Side. There is a stand for iPad

The item itself. The top panel is covered with a soft material to
protect the mobile devices.

The plug with additional adaptors.

It comes with a complimentary Micro USB cable. Nice!!

A short cable, just nice.

The charging unit is below the panel.

Cables connected. The panel goes on top... devices go on top. Cables hidden.

I do not know why Bluelounge labeled this as the 4th version / generation Sanctuary. There was only one previous Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Version 1.

Bluelounge provided dedicated charging cable for the Sanctuary Version 1. There are a couple of redundant cables here.

Charging cable.

And also, there was the Refresh

Charging cables are less but still dedicated.

But it seems a bit cramped?

So I can see the Sanctuary4 is a combination of both the 1st Sanctuary and the Refresh. They have done away with the dedicated cable and provided a bit more space, including catering for tablets by provided a back stand. Overall, a good product from Bluelounge with a lot of consideration given for their users.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Baseus Dual-port Series Cable - Lightning and Micro USB

I bought the Baseus Dual Port Cable on my recent trip to KL. It costs RM25 which is equivalent to SGD10. It is a pasta type, non-tangle charging cable for both lightning and micro USB devices. I am quite wary of lightning charging tip because it has to be certified by Apple. But thankfully, this one works.

According to the box, the cable is designed in Hong Kong but manufactured in China. I have to say the quality of the product is quite good.

Unfortunately, their website is not informative for their other products. 

Here are the unboxing photos. 


Box-Back. Cable can be used for charging and fast data

Box content. There is a cable-tie that comes with the cable
which is very useful.

With lightning cable tip on the left. The right goes to the USB
port. They have opted for a naked USB tip.

With the Micro USB exposed.

Another view of the USB tip.

Lightning Tip

Micro USB tip.

With the iPhone 5

With my old Nokia phone.