Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ikea Lival Worklamp

I have a Ikea Lival Desklamp that has been with me for the longest time. It is not often that Ikea produces items which has lasted for so long.

There are several versions of this Lival desklamp. There is one version where the lamp is clamped to the table. I have the one with the heavy base. I like the design as it reminds me of a combination between an Anglepoise lamp and an Artemide Tolomeo 

Recently, I had to change the bulb and I decide to document the process so that I would not forget.

That is the tube which I have to change.

Its not exactly an Anglepoise as it is held together with wing-nuts.
Nor is it an Artemide.

The mentioned wing-nut.

I worry about the neck as it is quite thin and it is made from plastic.

Another view of the neck.

The bulb that needs to be changed.

The base cover needs to be removed by 3 screws.

Removal is easy enough.

The base without the cover. The lighting tube is 
pulled out gently.

The housing without the lighting tube.

The original lighting tube, Osram and its made in Italy.

The length.

The replacement lighting tube.

The old with the new.

Length is almost similar.

Putting in the socket.

Putting it back to the housing and screw back
the back cover.

 Reverse back the steps. Screw back the cover.

Finished. The tube is slightly longer than the original.

But you cant see the tube sticking out. So it is ok.

I believe the Lival lamp has been discontinued as I cannot find it on any of Ikea's website. It is quite a pity because it is one Ikea's products that is quite resilient. I think Ikea has a couple of iconic in-house designed pieces, like its Klippan sofa. Ikea should put a section on its catalogue and website, to highlight these iconic pieces. To keep it fresh, they can change the colour, materials can be rotated but the the basic design is still there, such that people can recognise that its a Klippan sofa or Billy bookcase, for example. They should keep this Lival lamp as one of those pieces, but they have to tweak its design. Move it away from the Anglepoise influence and re-introduce it again.

Going through the work lamp section on Ikea, I noticed that it has moved away from this fluorescent tube to a white/yellow bulb. There must be a reason for that. 

In the meantime, I am glad to have this lamp.

I had an enquiry with regards to the voltage of the plug for this lamp. The photo is as follows:

Voltage details for the lamp

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