Saturday, 10 May 2014

Turi Beach Resort Batam: Stayed and Reviewed

We stayed at the Turi Beach Resort in Batam during the Easter Weekend. This is our 2nd time at this wonderful resort and we enjoyed it just as much as the 1st time.

There was several conditions that led us to stay at Turi Beach Batam

1. It was a short long weekend, so we wanted to go a place nearby, Malaysia or Indonesia. The travelling time to the location must be short.
2. We wanted to go to a resort with a decent beach facility and avoid the cities. So places like KL and staycation in Singapore was out.
3. So for beach resort, there were several choices like Bali, Bintan, Batam, Tioman and the nearby islands.
4. In the end it was down to either Bintan or Batam. I decided on Batam for our stay. Bintan feels too sterile for a resort. The land  where all the resorts sit, are leased by Singaporean government linked companies from the Indonesian government. I think part of the leasing agreement is kicking out all the local inhabitants outside the leased area. where it is fenced. Going in and out of this area is through a huge guarded gate. Beyond the gate is where you see the kampong houses of the local inhabitants. 
5. Turi Beach Batam, on the other hand, is located by the beach. The local inhabitants lived within driving distance with no demarcation between it and the hotel.

Getting to Turi Beach Batam is from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura. It is a 45 minute ferry ride. Nongsapura is a quiet terminal. The queues are manageable and not long. Getting to Turi Beach from Nongsapura is a 10-15 minute drive.

Turi Beach Batam is part of the Nongsa Resort property group which comprises of

1) Turi Beach Resort
2) Nongsa Point Marina and Resort
3) Nongsa Village
4) Tamarin Santana Golf Club
5) Infinite Studios
6) Nongsapura Ferry Terminal

The Turi Beach Batam area is quite large.

The Tirta Wing is the new wing. There are 2 swimming pool.

The rooms are on a terrace layout for the Tirta Wing. That
ensures all rooms have a view of the beach. We stayed at room

The original Riani Wing.

Check in counter. The lobby area is quite big. The hallway on
the right of the picture leads to the hotel rooms

Opposite view of the lobby area. On the right is the driveway to
the resort. I love the view of the ceiling roof.

The entrance to our 1 bedroom suite. Comes
with the opened-balcony on the left.

Another view of the balcony area and background.

There is also a staircase outside the entrance to the roof.

Upon entry, this is the living room area....

.....facing the tv. The door on the left leads to the bathroom.

The shower area. It is very clean and bright.

The wash-area.

Another view of the shower area.

Coming out of the toilet, we head to the left hallway into the ....

...the master bedroom. The room is quite big.

View of the bed.

The huge bed faces the TV. The wardrobe on the right.
The door leads to the other bathroom.

The toilet area of the bathroom. It is very clean and bright.

The shower area with the bathtub next to it.

View from the bedroom window.

Another view.

Along the balcony, there are 2 tree trunk benches and a dining
table at the end.

The dining table on the balcony is a very nice touch.

View from outside the balcony. The swimming pool is in the
middle of the picture.

A view of the beach from the balcony.

Part of the swimming pool can be seen here.

A view of the jetty at low tide.

A view of the beach area at low tide. I think this is a nice

There was a private party at night near the pool

The jetty at high tide.

Another view.

The jetty.

If you are bored of the beach, there is the swimming pool.

Or there is another pool not far away.

Initially we had a problem with the bedroom aircon. It was not as cold as the living room. But the technical staff and the housekeeping went all out to ensure that that aircon was cold by the end of the day. They took extra effort and came to our room couple of times to make sure it was at least pleasant. Thankfully, it was fixed on our 2nd day.

Otherwise, the resort is very nice place for a weekend stay. There were people from Japan, Korean, Indians, Caucasions and locals. It was a good mix but the area was so big that it does not feel it was crowded.. If you are looking for a getaway with the family, this is a definite recommendation.

If you have any queries or if you have stayed here before, let me know how was your experience by the comments below.