Thursday, 21 March 2013

Replacement for Otterbox Defender for Ipad2

I have an iPad Generation 2 which The Wife bought for me for my birthday. It is such a precious thing to me that I have to protect it at all cost. What better way than to use the Otterbox Defender for the job. I have always been a fan of this brand. I had used the Otterbox Defender for my Blackberry Bold and Otterbox Commuter for my iPhone 4. Both are awesome products.

For the Blackberry, because I used the Defender, there is a downside. It adds considerable girth to the Blackberry. There are 2 layers of protection, the plastic and the silicone. Putting the 'berry in my pants pocket can be uncomfortable at times.

However, for the iPad, it is manageable. I bought the Defender for the iPad about 2 years ago. Since then, I had a problem with the cover, which I blogged about it here. The cover cracked and Otterbox sent me a new one. 

Then about a year later, the silicon was losing its tightness. It could be from the heat of this weather that caused it. I emailed Otterbox, they asked me a few questions and guess what, they sent to me a brand new Defender. 

How is that for customer service. It is a good reliable product, backed with an top-notch customer service. I really recommend using Otterbox products.

The unboxing photos.

Goodness, they gave a brand new Defender.

3 layers of protection!!

The reason I use an Otterbox Defender.

The new silicon layer.

The cover.

I am comparing the old Defender(bottom) with the new.
The cover for the 30-pin port is much smaller. The 
speaker opening is smaller and protected.

The new silicon casing feels tough. 

The side clip of the new Defender(top) is smaller. The old one below 
is not there anymore.

The cover for the earphone jack is much smaller.

Compare the size of the side clip. New Defender has smaller clips.

The logo is prominent.

The size of the speaker slot is bigger in length for the new Defender.

The camera old is slightly bigger.

The best thing, the new Otterbox has a plastic screen!!! Its about time.
The one has no plastic screen.

The bezel is thicker for the new Defender(right).

The silicon casing. Old is left. New is right.

The Home button for the old Defender is no longer rigid. They have
re-designed the Home button for the new Defender.

I do not know why they need a large opening for 30-pin socket for
the old Defender(top).

Back view of the backplate. Old is left.

You can see the screen on the new Defender.

From the old Defender.

Putting it all together.


Thank you Otterbox.

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