Saturday, 16 November 2013

Jumbox Jelly Power 5200 Powerbank

I bought the Jumbox Jelly Power 5200 at the recent Consumer Electronics Exhibition 2013 for SGD39. This is for The Wife. It comes in various colours but I chose Pink for obvious reasons. It is also compact in size, making it suitable to fit into her handbags. 

The power bank is encased in a silicon-like cover and there is a light strawberry fragrance. I do not know why Jumbox feel these are selling points but to me, it is more like insignificant features rather than proper benefits to the users.

The unboxing photos:

The powerbank is enclosed in a silicon-like material. It emits a 
strawberry smell. I do not know for what reason they want to do that.

It can charge 2 devices simultaneously.

The specifications. Of interest is the smell last for 2-6

3 of its selling points, which is is quite insignificant.

'First scented mobile charger in the world.' Really? And how does 
that affect the performance? Does it make it better? Anyone?

Inside the box. Contents.

2 output port and 1 input port.

The power switch. The battery level is lighted at its side.

It can also be charged and recharge simultaneously.

Testing on the iPad.

Testing on the blackberry.

The Wife carries 1 iPhone and 2 blackberries. Quite often, she forgets to charge her devices overnight. And with her travelling schedule, she does not get a chance to properly charge her devices on the road. Despite its silly features, hopefully this powerbank will provide a stop-gap measure to her problem. 

It would be good if Jumbox includes a small bag for the powerbank and its cable. The Wife will be using the Innergie 2-in-1 USB Cable, which I blogged about here. I bought the Innergie cable at Challenger for SGD29.00 in May 2012. At the 2012 year end PC show, it was sold at SGD19. On my trip to KL recently, it was sold at RM 39, which is equivalent to SGD15.

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