Saturday, 30 November 2013

Apple Clone Two Port USB Charger

I bought this generic 2-Port USB charger on my recent trip to KL. It costs RM 25.00 (SGD$9.80). The design is obviously a Apple rip-off but what attracted me was its USB charging output capacity. One port has an output of 2.1A. This is suitable iPad and iPhone. The other port has an output of 1A. This is suited for Blackberry and Kindle. I plan to use this for the bedroom, together with the Innergie 2-in-1 Cable Charge and Sync, which I blog about here

The unboxing photos.

The box design looks familiar.

It can charge practically the whole iDevice family.

There are 2 ports out.

It is a 2 piece device, similar to the Apple charger.

The 2 ports out are labeled

Does it look familiar?

There is a light indicator on the USB Charger. I do not think its LED though.

The 2.1 Amp output works on iPad.

It works on Blackberry but I was not able to capture it in time.

Other USB charger that I blogged about

1) The Morries Worldwide Travel Adapter with USB. Output of only 500mA.

2) 4-Port USB Charger

3) Arctic 4-Port USB Charger

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