Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sony 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player BDP-S485

Together with the purchase of our Sony Bravia TV, we bought a 3D Blu Ray Disc Player, as the package comes together with 4x 3D glasses.

The box says its DLNA compliant but we would need a Sony dongle to enjoy Wifi.

The unboxing.

The contents: manual, remote, the player and registration instructions.

The promotional sticker on top of the player.

We had to remove it as it was a bit cheesy.

 The format that can be played on it.

 The sleek facade. Apparently, it follows the same monolithic design as the Bravia TV.

Together with the AC Ryan.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sony Bravia 46NX720 wtih Bunchin Stand

I have a Samsung 46" LCD TV that is almost 4 years this July 2012. The wife and I bought the TV at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk, after we bought our place in the east. When we bought the TV, I opted out from the extended warranty that was offered. How was I to know that I would be expecting problems from the TV, exactly 3 years from my purchase date. 3 years is the standard warranty from Samsung. 

At first, there was the clicking sound whenever I turned on the TV. Its a common Samsung problem, according to Google. This was resolved couple of days before warranty expiry. 

A few months later, there was an image problem. According to the technician that came, this is a much bigger problem. The LCD screen needs to be change. Expected amount is SGD1K and warranty of that is only 1 month. He recommend its better to buy a new TV.

The wife and I decided not to get another Samsung. And we got a Sony, NX720 46". The selling factor for me was the integrated WiFi. I could not connect any Smart TV via network cables in the living room. Another factor was the cost of this TV was cheaper than the same one selling at the IT Show at the same time. Freebies are the same.

Fixing the flat panel display is now a one man operation.

The TV came with a  'Bunchin Stand'. Its a display stand with additional active speaker system. It is connected to the TV via HDMI cable.



Setting up the stand.

After the stand is prepared, the flat panel display was lifted up and balanced on top of its slim box.  I had to help out as the technician assembled the stand.

I managed to take this picture, while holding the tv with one hand.

The assembled stand. You can see 2 HDMI port. One is connected directly from the HDMI ARC port of the TV. The other goes to the Blu Ray player. 
 The installed product.

The thickness.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bosch Dryer - WTS-86515BY

We had a Bosch Washer, WAS-28441ME that we bought in 2008 from Harvey Norman Millenia Walk. I am quite satisfied with the product. It it still functioning effectively after such a long time of usage. And it is very quiet.

The wife and I decided to buy a Bosch Dryer to complement the washer. We are staying on the 2nd floor and drying our clothes outside has not been an option. So far, we have coped with indoor drying but it can be slow, especially during raining season.

We went to HN Millenia Walk again and bought the Bosch Dryer, WTS-86515BY. And it was delivered to us 2 days after we bought it. The Washer we bought couple of years ago was only delivered 1 week after purchase!!

The purchase came with a stacker i.e. a 'connector' between the washer and dryer with a sliding board. Unfortunately, there was a mixed up the serial number of the item. The technicians installed a stacker without the sliding board.

The technician drilled 4 holes and already installed the stacker.

 But the mistake was pointed out and the corrected stacker retrieved from their delivery van.

 The correct stacker now had 8 holes and the original holes cannot be used!!!! Luckily I had silicon to cover the original holes.

So you can see the handle on the sliding board below. This can be slide out and used to fold clothes when it is removed from the dryer.

Stacker installed. Now to placed the dryer on top of the washer.

Dryer on top, washer below.