Saturday, 24 November 2012

Evorich Flooring Parador Laminate Balcony

We have a balcony that was used for the daughter 's play area. The wife wanted the balcony to be an extension of the living room for the longest time but because it is a recessed area, our furniture cannot extend to the balcony area. So we have to raised the floor in order to make it level to the living room.

Since it is the balcony area, I thought we have to do outdoor decking. On our visit to one of the local vendor, Evorich Flooring told us otherwise. Since the balcony is indoors and not exposed to the elements, we can do a laminate flooring and we were quoted only SGD900 for the project.

The Wife choose Parador Cross-Cut Oak Smoke Minipearl pattern.

The balcony with the furniture removed. 

Another view of the balcony.
The laminate flooring.

Part of the tools that they use.

The balcony lies on a gradient. The wooden blocks are used to level the
The wooden blocks are glued to the floor and the slats are glued on it.

A glob of glue goes here...

Wooden slat goes on top.

Next, the wooden planks goes on top and it is screwed on.

There is a gap between the wooden plank and concrete floor.
This is to facilitate laying of cables in the future.

One side completed.

Our friend laying the board for the other half.

All boards are in place.

Next goes the laminate floor.

The layout has to be on a staggered manner.

The completed job.

The gap will be covered by a plastic 'capping'.

The plastic strip that will be used to cover the gap.

The gap capped and taped for it to be in place.

With the furniture.

So what do you think?

I hope its a good investment.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

iPad 3rd Generation iPearl Leather Carrying Folio Cover Case

I bought The Wife the 3rd Generation iPad for our 3rd wedding anniversary. With the iPad, she choose the red iPearl Leather Carrying Folio Cover Case. It is a multi-function cover and includes a nice stylus.

It has the following
- built in stand
- hand strap
- sleep/wakeup function
- touch screen style pen.

The company sells its products through Amazon, here.

Here are the unboxing photos.

The various type of set-up.

The types of colours.

The stylus.

The stylus is quite slim and very useful.

The iPad 3rd Generation.

The cover.

The cover, opened.

The top slot is used to prop the iPad. The slot below is for your hands to slip through it.

With the iPad inserted in.

Propped up.

It is quite stable in this position.

The hand strap.