Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tefal Blendforce Glass Tripl'Ax

The wife has a blender that has been with her since her single days. It has seen better days. Unfortunately, it died on us when we wanted to blend chili paste. We laid it to rest and bought a new blender. Its the Tefal Blendforce Glass Tripl'Ax.  It uses a glass container for the main blender. This is much better than a plastic blender container as there would not be any smell and discolouration for plastic containers

This Tefal blender is 1.5 litre, has 500 watts of power and 2 speeds with 6 blades. The unique secure lock system will keep the contents of the jug secure whilst blending.

  • 500w power
  • 2 speeds and pulse
  • Glass jug with 1.5 litre capacity
  • 6 blades with Tripl'Ax technology for extreme blending
  • Unique secure lock system

  • There are 2 versions of this blender, the glass and plastic version. We bought the glass version as it is easier to clean.

    There was a Tripl'Ax Challenge recently. Check out the winner here.

    Unboxing photos:

     The picture suggest it can be used as a juicer....

    and chili paste.

    The image of the blade can be seen at the top left hand corner.

     The smaller container is made from plastic. The big one is made from glass.

     The Tripl'Ax blade can be view from this picture.

     One of the features, a 'clic' sound can be heard when it is tighten correctly.

     Green means it is secure.

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