Saturday, 10 November 2012

iPad 3rd Generation iPearl Leather Carrying Folio Cover Case

I bought The Wife the 3rd Generation iPad for our 3rd wedding anniversary. With the iPad, she choose the red iPearl Leather Carrying Folio Cover Case. It is a multi-function cover and includes a nice stylus.

It has the following
- built in stand
- hand strap
- sleep/wakeup function
- touch screen style pen.

The company sells its products through Amazon, here.

Here are the unboxing photos.

The various type of set-up.

The types of colours.

The stylus.

The stylus is quite slim and very useful.

The iPad 3rd Generation.

The cover.

The cover, opened.

The top slot is used to prop the iPad. The slot below is for your hands to slip through it.

With the iPad inserted in.

Propped up.

It is quite stable in this position.

The hand strap.


  1. But why exactly are these improvements needed? Well, the durability of the tablet is inevitably not too good when you are planning on taking it to the office with you. The same goes for any travelling where you will need to transport your device in a rucksack of some description, because the touchscreen and the aluminium shell are just so delicate.