Saturday, 29 September 2012

Grand Millenium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Reviewed.

I stayed at the Grand Millenium Hotel at Kuala Lumpur recently. It is right in the heart of Bukit Bintang where some of the nicest malls are located. It is next to The Pavilion, a huge shopping mall where there is a huge food court and lots of nice restaurants. This is important for me as I am tired of hotel food. 

Location wise it is fantastic but the hotel rooms needs a decent upgrade. The first time I stayed in this hotel was in 1998. It was my first business trip. At that time the hotel was known as The Regent. It was a grand building at that time. Along the years, it changed to the Four Seasons Hotel and later Millenium & Copthorne and now, its called the Grand Millenium.

Some pictures which I took of the hotel.

The driveway as you enter the hotel.

View of the hotel from the street level.

Another view from across the street.

Another view of the driveway.

One thing that captures your eye is this water feature.

On the left of the water feature, is the check-in area.

Another view.

The check-in area.

One nice feature of their check-in area is there are lots of seats which guests and walk-ins' can sit down. They are quite comfortable too. The check-in desk is at the background of the above photo.

On the right of the water feature, is their coffee joint

After checked-in, its time to go to my room. This time I was on the 11th Floor.
There are 3 wings to the hotel.

The left and right wing gives you the steet view. The middle wing gives you the 'backside view'. Not much of a view. I recommend the left and right wing. What are the rooms for the left and right wing?

These are the rooms for the left wing.

1101-1111 is the middle wing.

1114-1133 is the right wing.

As you enter the room. Typical hotel room layout.

The study chair on the background really needs to be replaced. Its get uncomfortable after prolonged seating.

There is a nice chair by the window.

The bed and pillow are quite comfortable. The sheets are clean.

Bathroom is quite clean but the decor needs to refreshed. Shower is on the right.

Amenities are very very basic.

I do not know if bathtub are useful nowadays.

This is the street view that I mentioned earlier. On the left is the Pavilion Shopping Mall. Across it is the Starhill Gallery. Above Starhill Gallery is the Mariott Hotel. Its a bustling area, full of activities.

As you can see, the roads can be quite busy. Another plus point for the hotel, I can just walk to Pavilion. If I stayed at the Marriott, I would have to cross the busy road, which I would rather avoid.

Another view.

The view at night.

Opposite the Grand Millenium, is the fahrenheit88 hotel.

Fahrenheit at night.

So even at night, the area is quite busy.

The Bukit Bintang stretch where the hotel is located has several middle eastern restaurants next door. There are also 2 convenience store nearby.

Not far from the hotel is the Light Rail Transport (LRT). Nearest station is Bukit Bintang. If you walk further beyond the traffic lights, there is a shopping mall called Plaza Low Yat. If you are looking for electronics/gadgets/mobile phones/computer/laptops, this is the place. 

There was one time, when I was staying at this hotel but I forgot my charging cable for my Lenovo laptop. I panicked as I need to work. Then I remember Plaza Low Yat is not far. I walked over and bought my charger. Day was saved.

To recap, the reason I chose this hotel is location. Its next to a mall where there is a load of eating options. There is a nearby LRT station if I want to move about. There is also that gadget mall, Plaza Low Yat.

So I am happy. I would definitely return.