Saturday, 28 March 2015

IT Show 2015: Tylt Energi5K+ Battery Pack

I bought for The Wife the Tylt Energi 5K+ Battery Pack at the recent IT Show. It costs SGD99 but during the IT Show, its costs SGD79 at Epicentre booth.

The Wife has been using the Jumbox Jelly Power 5200 Powerbank for quite a while. It has served her well. But she would need to bring along 2 cables in a pouch with the battery inside, one for her micro-USB Samsung phone and the other is the lightning cable for her office iPhone 5. I am worried that she might misplaced the cables on one of her trips.

That is the reason I bought the Tylt Energi 5K battery pack. It comes with two integrated cables, lightning and micro-USB, saving The Wife from bringing additional cables. It is slim which fits into her handbag and not too heavy.

Battery Cell: Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity: 5.2k
Output Voltage: 4.75V-5.25V
Output Current: 3A
Battery Charge Time: 6 hours
Dimensions: 14.3mm x 70mm x 142mm
Weight: Approximately 127 grams

Box Front

Box Back.

The battery pack with contents.

With the attached lightning cable. 

With the attached micro-USB cable.

Comparing it against the iPhone 5.

With the attached cables tuck-in, there is another USB output
with the micro-USB input next to it.

The power button determines the amount of charge left in the
battery pack. Green LED solid: 70-100% full. During charging
the LED will turn off when it is fully charge.

Charging the iPhone

Charging the Blackberry.

It is a good buy for the ladies, looking for a slim battery pack that is not too heavy. It is fuss-free as the cables are all integrated and it goes neatly into a handbag. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

IT Show 2015: Microsoft Universal Keyboard

I bought the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard at the recent IT Show, March 2015. The stated price was SGD99 on the brochure but the actual price is SGD89.

I intend to use it with my iPad2 for my business trips. Eventually, I will replace my work laptop with my iPad2 and keyboard combo. The laptop that I am using is a Dell Latitude E5430 which is approximately 2kg, which is quite heavy for business travel. It does not make sense to be carrying such a heavy load just for powerpoint presentation. It is unfortunate that the iPad2 does not have mouse support, unless it is jailbreak. If not, it would be ideal

I wanted to purchase the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard. It was selling at half-price at SGD49.50. But I was told by the kind gentleman that it does not work with iPad. I was shocked. He mentioned that only the Universal Keyboard works with iPad effectively. Was this a scam to get me to buy an expensive keyboard?

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

I like the Wedge Mobile Keyboard because the keyboard cover can double as a stand for the mobile device. I bought the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard nevertheless and thankfully, it was the right decision.

When I got back, I did some researching on the compatibility of the keyboards. According to Microsoft Singapore and US website, 

'The new, ultra-slim Wedge Mobile Keyboard was designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablet users who are constantly on the go. (It also works with iPad and Android devices.) '

The compatibility table below:

It indicates that the Wedge Mobile Keyboard has limited functionality for Android and iOS devices.

It gets confusing when it is the Universal Mobile Keyboard. The compatibility table as follows:

MS Singapore site.
From the MS Singapore site, it shows that it is not compatible with the iOS version.

MS US Site
From the MS US site, it shows full compatibility. Although the part number is from the one in the Singapore site.

Thankfully, the Universal Mobile Keyboard that I bought works find with my iPad2.

The features for the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard:

Comparing the dimensions between the Universal and Wedge Keyboard:

Dimensions of the Microsoft Universal Keyboard

Dimensions of the Wedge Keyboard

It can be seen that the length of the Universal Keyboard has been reduced. But the breadth has increased. This could be due to the spaced between the keys on the Universal Keyboard.

The unboxing photos:

Box Front Cover

Compatibility reminders.

Box Back Cover

The cover can also be used as a stand for the mobile

Includes a micro-USB cable and instructions.

There is a slide switch on the top left hand corner to select the
mobile device. Opening the cover wakes up the keyboard.

It uses the same shiny plastic material as the Sculpt Ergonomic

The cover magnetically attaches itself to the hinge.

However, my iPad2 is quite thick due to the Otterbox cover
I used for it.

So instead, I used the Otterbox cover as a kickstand
and the keyboard cover to increase its incline.

A view of the Otterbox cover which also doubles as a stand.

The overall set-up.

Pairing the device on bluetooth is quite easy and very fast. However, the location of the keys are still too close for me. The feedback from the keyboard is not strong enough. Maybe its because I am so used to mechanical non-gaming keyboards. But it is quite nice to be typing on a keyboard instead of the virtual keyboard on the iPad.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pedrali Pasha Armchair Furniture

The wife and I bought a pre-owned Pedrali Pasha chair on 1st March 2015 for SGD220. We did not know the previous owner was a local celebrity until we turned up to pick up the chair.

The wife had her eye on the Pasha since we saw it at Lifestorey a few years ago. At that time, it was selling the chair, the cushion and the ottoman. The chair itself was selling at SGD1165. It was too expensive.

Pedrali is an Italian furniture company, established since 1963 that produces contemporary furniture made of plastic, metal, wood  as well as upholstered ones.

It produces a wide range of chairs, tables, complements and lamps exclusively manufactured in Italy inside Pedrali production sites through a design process which combines tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance.

The Pasha chair is made in polycarbonate, glossy finish. Available in white, black, fume (grey) and transparent.

The dimensions are as follows:
Height: 980mm, Length: 750mm, Breadth: 710mm

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci

From the Lifestorey website:
The “Archivolto” studio has been working with Pedrali for many years; the “Ice” chair, the “Gliss” chair and the “Smart” chair have had great success. Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci are originally from Colle d’Elsa, near Siena, where the “Archirivolto” studio still has its head office today. Dondoli and Pocci met in Florence at the university faculty of architecture where they were part of the same team. In 1983 they opened an industrial planning and architecture studio, which from 1989 has been working exclusively on industrial design. For the “Archirivolto” studio a project starts from the direct relationship with the customer, a good product has to have an affordable price. The search for the most innovative materials and processes allows for the best results to be achieved in terms of a quality-price ratio; this is one of the main activities of the studio.

The Pasha, at the balcony corner. Adorned with the Kulla lamp and Eames

Even though it is pre-owned, it still retain a very high glossy finished

Side View

Back view. Even though it is pre-owned, it still retain a very high
glossy finished

In case of doubt.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8".

Otterbox for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Last week I blogged about the Samsung Tab 4 8" that I bought from Amazon over the Black Friday weekend last year. Together with the Tab, I bought an Otterbox Defender Series Case for it. I am a fan of the Otterbox. I have blogged about the Otterbox casing before and the Defender is one of the best. It comes with a 2-layer protection and, on top of that, it comes with a multi-purpose cover which acts as a 3rd layer. I am using a similar product for my iPad2.


  • Robust, 3-layer protective case withstands drops, bumps and shock.
  • Built-in screen protector guards against scratches.
  • Port covers keep out dust and debris.
  • Cover doubles as a kickstand for hand=free media viewing.

The unboxing photos:

Package arrives from Amazon.

Comes with the case on the left and the cover on the right.

The built-in screen protector on
the left.
On the left is the silicone layer.
On the right is the kickstand 

The Tab 4 goes into the plastic case. On the Samsung tab, there
is a nice chrome edge all around it, which is hidden by the 
plastic case.

With the Tab in the plastic case, the silicon goes next.

The silicon provides a 'bumper' protection around and
underneath the tab. It gives a snug fit. This, to me, is the
important feature of the case as it protects the corners.

The outer cover provides a stand for the Tab.

Another view of the cover. It is similar to the iPad2 cover.

The cover to the charging port could have been better. It opens
towards the reader, causing a bulge in the silicon. It would have
been better if it is opened outwards away from the reader.

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