Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pedrali Pasha Armchair Furniture

The wife and I bought a pre-owned Pedrali Pasha chair on 1st March 2015 for SGD220. We did not know the previous owner was a local celebrity until we turned up to pick up the chair.

The wife had her eye on the Pasha since we saw it at Lifestorey a few years ago. At that time, it was selling the chair, the cushion and the ottoman. The chair itself was selling at SGD1165. It was too expensive.

Pedrali is an Italian furniture company, established since 1963 that produces contemporary furniture made of plastic, metal, wood  as well as upholstered ones.

It produces a wide range of chairs, tables, complements and lamps exclusively manufactured in Italy inside Pedrali production sites through a design process which combines tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance.

The Pasha chair is made in polycarbonate, glossy finish. Available in white, black, fume (grey) and transparent.

The dimensions are as follows:
Height: 980mm, Length: 750mm, Breadth: 710mm

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci

From the Lifestorey website:
The “Archivolto” studio has been working with Pedrali for many years; the “Ice” chair, the “Gliss” chair and the “Smart” chair have had great success. Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci are originally from Colle d’Elsa, near Siena, where the “Archirivolto” studio still has its head office today. Dondoli and Pocci met in Florence at the university faculty of architecture where they were part of the same team. In 1983 they opened an industrial planning and architecture studio, which from 1989 has been working exclusively on industrial design. For the “Archirivolto” studio a project starts from the direct relationship with the customer, a good product has to have an affordable price. The search for the most innovative materials and processes allows for the best results to be achieved in terms of a quality-price ratio; this is one of the main activities of the studio.

The Pasha, at the balcony corner. Adorned with the Kulla lamp and Eames

Even though it is pre-owned, it still retain a very high glossy finished

Side View

Back view. Even though it is pre-owned, it still retain a very high
glossy finished

In case of doubt.

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