Saturday, 28 March 2015

IT Show 2015: Tylt Energi5K+ Battery Pack

I bought for The Wife the Tylt Energi 5K+ Battery Pack at the recent IT Show. It costs SGD99 but during the IT Show, its costs SGD79 at Epicentre booth.

The Wife has been using the Jumbox Jelly Power 5200 Powerbank for quite a while. It has served her well. But she would need to bring along 2 cables in a pouch with the battery inside, one for her micro-USB Samsung phone and the other is the lightning cable for her office iPhone 5. I am worried that she might misplaced the cables on one of her trips.

That is the reason I bought the Tylt Energi 5K battery pack. It comes with two integrated cables, lightning and micro-USB, saving The Wife from bringing additional cables. It is slim which fits into her handbag and not too heavy.

Battery Cell: Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity: 5.2k
Output Voltage: 4.75V-5.25V
Output Current: 3A
Battery Charge Time: 6 hours
Dimensions: 14.3mm x 70mm x 142mm
Weight: Approximately 127 grams

Box Front

Box Back.

The battery pack with contents.

With the attached lightning cable. 

With the attached micro-USB cable.

Comparing it against the iPhone 5.

With the attached cables tuck-in, there is another USB output
with the micro-USB input next to it.

The power button determines the amount of charge left in the
battery pack. Green LED solid: 70-100% full. During charging
the LED will turn off when it is fully charge.

Charging the iPhone

Charging the Blackberry.

It is a good buy for the ladies, looking for a slim battery pack that is not too heavy. It is fuss-free as the cables are all integrated and it goes neatly into a handbag. 

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