Saturday, 4 April 2015

IT Show 2015: Tylt Syncable Lightning Cable (1 Meter)

The Wife is using the iPhone5, issued by her office. So its another device in the household with a different set of charging cable. It was quite manageable before this, mainly with micro-USB and 30-pin iDevice charging cable. But now, I have to make way for 1 cable solely for her iPhone. Thanks Apple.

I have tried to use a number of Lightning cables. But somehow, it only works for a couple of charge, after which the dreaded error message saying that the cable is not suitable for charging would appear. I have to admit that these are not 'official certified' Lightning cables. The Wife brought one of these cables, which I bought, for her business trip and it died on her. Horror of horrors!! She had to look high and low for an alternate certified Lightning cable at the hotel and with her office colleagues. I got quite an earful from that incident.

So no more. I bought the Tylt Syncable Lightning Cable at the recent IT Show to help with the charging cable management. The length is 1 meter. The quality of the Tylt cable is quite good.

I am using this 1 meter cable with the Bluelounge Sanctuary4 for local charging. There is another Tylt Lightning cable which I will give to The Wife for her business trips. Its a Syncable Duo, which I will write in my next blog.

In the mean time, here are the unboxing photos:

Box: Front

Box: Back

Box: Another view.


USB with Lightning tip.

Connection to iPhone5

Using it on the Bluelounge Sanctuary4.

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