Saturday, 18 April 2015

IT Show 2015: Tylt Syncable-Duo for Lightning and Micro-USB (30cm)

Another Tylt charging cable I bought from the recent IT Show is the Tylt Syncable-Duo. It is a micro-USB tip with a Lightning tip extension. Unfortunately, it is short compared to the Tylt Syncable Lightning Cable, which I blog earlier here. It is only 30 cm. Cost is SGD$24 for the IT Show. Usual price is SGD$30.

This cable would be used for The Wife's business trips as she is carrying the corporate iPhone 5S and her Samsung. I guess it would be suitable for her since she wants to carry as little things as possible.

Unboxing photos.

Box: Front

Box: Back

Box: Side

Its a pasta type cable. Rather short.

With the Lightning tip extension

Works with the Samsung device using micro-USB

With the Lightning tip.

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