Saturday, 19 May 2012

Otterbox Commuter for iPhone4

The wife decided to upgrade her iPhone to 4S and I get to use her old iPhone 4. When the iPhone4 came out 2 years ago, I had plans of upgrading to it. I was all prepared. I even bought this Otterbox Commuter iPhone4 so that I can use it the minute I bring the iPhone4 home.

But for whatever reason, I put off the purchase of the phone until 4S came out. I thought I had no chance of using the Otterbox. Until the wife was kind enough to give me hers!!!

I am quite fussy about how I protect my phones. My friends sometimes mock me for my fastidious nature. I always try to retain the original plastic wrapping but sometimes that does not last long. Then I would buy those crystal plastic cases but those crack quite easily. Until I did a search on the Internet and I came across Otterbox.

I first used them for my Blackberry Bold, the Defender series.  The Defender is an excellent product. It provides 3 layer of protection for the Bold. It even has the clear plastic for the keyboard. It will make the Bold a bit fat but I had all around protection.

When the iPhone4 came out, the Defender was not available. Only the Commuter at that time. So I bought it.

For the Commuter, there are 2 levels of protection. The inner silicone and the outer polycarbonate shell.


Includes the screen protector.

The screen protector goes on first.

Next the silicone layer.

And next, the polycarbonate shell.

Quite a smart looking casing. The polycarbonate casing is quite tight and it holds the silicone in place.

I am also using the Otterbox Defender for iPad2. It provides reliable protection for the product. I had to replace the polycarbonate shell and Otterbox changed it, no question asked. You can read it here. Amazing product, fantastic customer service. I recommend.

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