Saturday, 5 May 2012

Penpower Worldcard Business Card Scanner

In my line of work, I meet a lot of people in the industry. A sacred requirement with all these meetings and introductions is the exchange of namecards. I have stack of namecards which I have kept in cardcase boxes. At the moment, I have 3 of these cardcase boxes which I kept in the office. But I find this very inefficient as I have several ways of indexing these cards either by the name or the company name. In the end, I would waste time looking for a particular person's details.

I have always wanted to get one of these CardScan Executive. But at SGD300 plus, I find it a tad too expensive. I have been holding off this purchase to do further research on other alternatives.

Late last year, I came across a local version of this device by Penpower, the WorldCard Color. I cannot remember the price at that time but it was definitely cheaper than CardScan. But with every 'large ticket' purchase, I placed a self imposed cooling off period. Until I came across the product again in Challenger. It costs at SGD199 after discount.

So, why not?!

I choose this because it scans in colour. Things look better in colour.

My needs are very simple i.e. scan and store. If there is no online function, it is ok, as long as the database can be exported.

According to the details, I can do exactly that and it supports multiple PIM.

Unboxing. The device and the cable.

Installation disk, quick start guide, registration card and calibration card.

It is small enough to bring for your travels.

The USB port.

The software provided is adequate enough for my needs. I need to locate contact details fast and the search function is quite good. The database can be removed should I need to relocate the it to another PC or laptop.

I would say, its a good buy for the functionalities that I require.


  1. You "Penpower Worldcard Business Card Scanner " article's picture is nice.

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      It is a very useful product. I am not able to manage my business cards effectively.

      I only wish they have a web-based platform.