Saturday, 12 May 2012

Morries Worldwide Travel Adapter MS005 with USB Charger

I travel regularly and one essential travel item that I bring is a universal charger. At the moment, I bring 2 universal chargers for my trips. With the laptop and other gadgets that I bring for my trips, you can never have enough universal chargers.

I came across this universal travel adapter in Challenger. Its the Morries Worldwide Travel Adapter MS005. I have several universal chargers but this one comes with a USB charge outlet. This is useful if you want to charge an iPhone or Blackberry. It comes with  a car charger as well for USB cable and an iDevice cable. At SGD20.61, why not?

I ordered something similar on but it is taking so long for its delivery. I think that website is a scam but thankfully, I only bought 3 items.  

The instructions on the back.

The different plug configuration.

Instructions for the car adapter.


The items.

I did a test with an Energie USB cable and it works!!

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