Friday, 4 May 2012

DIY Plumbing: Replacement of Water Pipe.

I came back from a trip one Sunday night. The wife and kid was out of town and the house was empty. I was unpacking and moving around the house, keeping my stuff. I went to the kitchen toilet and realised the floor was wet. How can it be wet when there was no one in the house for a week? I checked around and found out that the spray hose was leaking.

It was not properly tighten. Before I can tighten it, I have to turn off the water at the switch valve. Imagine my horror when the switch valve disintegrated in my hands as I tried to turn it off. I had water gushing out from the bathroom straight to the kitchen. My bathroom and kitchen was beginning to flood. I had to leave the gushing water and go underneath the kitchen sink to turn off the main water valve. Only then did the water stopped and I can start taking photos.

You can see the inside of the valve. It has rusted. This is due to the poor quality valve that was used.

The pieces of valve just crumbled in my hands.

The pieces of the pipe valve. I had to remove this pipe section as I had to remove the corner pipe section.

A couple of days later, I replaced the corner pipe attachment.

The other end of the pipe goes to....

...this part. This is another switch valve. A much better quality one.

Attached to its clip housing.

A brand new switch valve.

With the flexible hose attached.

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