Friday, 27 April 2012

Aidata E-Z Laptop Riser

As part of my office's drive to ensure all workers are ergonomically taken care of, they have purchased this Aidata E-Z LapTop Riser. I do not know how much it costs as the company purchased it for everyone.

Some of its features:

The riser can be set to 3 levels.

The holder.

And the wonderful benefits of having an ergonomic laptop riser.

The riser is quite flat when not in used.

The backside of the riser. The 3 pairs of notches are user to elevate the riser.

When set-up.

The holder prevents the laptop from sliding down.

From behind, all connected.

I used another monitor as a 2nd screen from the laptop, so that I can have a dual monitor set-up. And having the laptop riser, I can position the laptop screen to be almost at the same level as my 2nd monitor. And the keyboard is more friendly to my wrist.

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