Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sony 3D Glasses TDG-BR250 and Sony Skype Camera CMU-BR100

The final installment of our Bravia TV and Blue-Ray DVD player purchase. The package came with 4 x 3D glasses, 2 Blu Ray 3D disc and a Skype video camera.

The 3D glasses, TDG-BR250.

The contents come with a nice Sony pouch, the glasses, manual and micro-USB cable.

There is a Power button on the top of the glasses. It has to be turned on before it can be used.

On the other side of the glasses, is where it can be charged, using the supplied cable. According to the user's manual, charging is only required twice a year!!

Other view.

The panel is quite flushed. You would not know that it can be clipped open.

The glasses is quite light. Watching the supplied Harry Porter movie, you can see the 3D effects. But prolonged wearing can produced fatigue around the ears and nose bridge.

The Skype video camera, CMU-BR100.

Contents: Camera, manual and an stand extension.

I did not test the Skype camera. It was too much of a bother. It has to be connected to the USB port on the TV. Recommendation was to place the camera at the top of the TV but for something that is more like a novelty, we decided to keep it for the moment.

One of the DVD disc. Wonderful Harry Potter movie.

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