Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ikea Orgel Table Lamp

The wife bought this Ikea Orgel lamp about 3-4 years ago as a bedside lamp. Its selling factor was its handmade shade. In my opinion, it is also what made it a terrible lamp. 

Let me digress. I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea products. I was told there are only 2 type of Ikea products i.e. the damn expensive good quality ones and the lousy fit for the garbage bin stuff. When I buy things, I expect them to last. At least give me some good mileage. But Ikea items have been quite disappointing. I remember I bought a soap-dish from Ikea. The dish was made from a sturdy wire mesh material, enclosed in plastic. After several weeks, the dish began to rust!!!! I am not sure what kind of soap they used in Sweden but I am sure that soap is used with water in the rest of the world. In the end, the dish rusted through and we had to throw the dish away. What a disappointment.

Coming back to this Orgel lamp. After 3-4 years of dormant usage, the lampshade became limped. I do not know how a lampshade can turn that way.

The lampshade is held by 2 supporting rod at the sides. It seems the 2 rods just gave way. What a fantastic product.

I wanted to throw it away but it is such a waste. The lighting still works, it is just the damn lampshade. I kept it for quite sometime, until my next visit to Ikea on the Good Friday weekend.

I wanted to see if I can get a replacement lampshade and I came across this: Skimra Shade. At Ikea, it seems to be fit into the Orgel lamp. And at SGD9.00, why not. So we bought it.

There is a detachable fitting that can be used with small or big bulbs.

Removed the packaging and tried it in.

Thank goodness it fits.

And it gives a very nice glow.

Ikea, you have redeemed yourself.

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