Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ikea Sansad Table.

The wife decided that our 2 year-old daughter needed a table of her own. A proper place for her to draw, eat and play. So, off we went to Ikea on the Good Friday weekend. We went at night, expecting the crowd to be less but it makes no difference. It was still crowded.

The wife wanted to buy a Mammut table and 2 chairs.

But I saw another table nearby. It was made of pine and looks solid. What caught my eye was the height of the table can be adjusted. This allows the table to grow along with the child. The wife and I had a quick discussion and we decided on this other table. Its called the Sansad.

Cash and carry. Flat packed.

Inside the box.
Look at the pine. Its solid and gorgeous.

Comes with instructions and...

the rest of the screws and dowels.

The adjustable legs.

According to the instructions, I had to start on the frame first. Had some help.

After the frame is ready, it is screwed on to the tabletop.

The side legs goes up next.

Preparing another frame that is attached to the 4 legs.

2nd frame is screwed to the rest of the legs.

Another view of the table underside.

Next goes the colourful legs. These legs can be adjusted to 3 heights.

View of the final product

Given the final test of approval.

Overall, spent around 2.5 hours fixing the table together.

October 27th 2014.
I wanted to reply to Donna's query below with photos but the pictures are too big for the comment section.. Hence I have placed the photos here.

As you can see, the table can accommodate both chairs

I am not able to place the chair on the opposite side as the table
is against the wall....

..but as you can see the divider underneath the table gives
you an idea that that the chairs can be placed on both sides.

Another view of the divider.

So to answer your question, the Sansad table can accommodate 4 Mammut chairs placed along its long side.

I hope the photos helped.

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