Saturday, 21 January 2012

Otterbox Defender for iPad2

When I first got my iPad2, I bought the Otterbox Defender casing to protect my device. I've used the Otterbox device before, for my Blackberry Bold and it is a reliable casing. It gave a very good protection. The Defender series consists of an inner plastic which protects the device and an outer silicone which acts as a shock absorber. One of the features I like about the Defender series is the bezel all around the screen area. Which means if ever your device falls, the bezel would protect the screen from scratches.

For the iPad2, there is a outer clip screen protector which converts to a stand for the iPad2. It also gives an additional protection for the screen. Unfortunately, one of the legs on my clip-on protector cracked. This could be due from one my travels.

I am not sure if you can see the crack.

So I wrote an email to Otterbox and explained the problem I had with their product. They requested photos of the crack, a brief explanation and my details. After that I was informed they would send a replacement!!!

5 days later, I got the FedEx package. Date was 12th January 2012

From Otterbox

Opening the package.

A brand new clip-on screen cover, with the fold-out stand.

With the clip-on cover attached to the screen.


The silicone outer layer.

Another view of the silicone cover.

Because of the effort Otterbox placed for its customers and the extent at which it went for overall satisfaction, I recommend its products. And I would definitely buy an Otterbox product in the future.

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