Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

In my previous employment at a financial information company, I had opportunities to travel and stay at numerous hotels.

One of the cities that I would visit occasionally is Surabaya, Indonesia. I say occasionally because the client base is quite minimal at that time. If I do get to visit Surabaya, I would normally stay at the Hyatt Surabaya.

But there was one time, I heard about a historical hotel in Surabaya called Hotel Majapahit. It was at this hotel that the Indonesian flag was first flown. It was originally built by Lucas Martin Sarkies in 1910. His brothers built and manage the Raffles Hotel in Singapore a few years earlier. Because of the historical significance of this hotel, I decided to stay in it on my next trip on July 30th 2006. And also, I do not think I would get a chance staying at the Raffles Hotel

At that time, it was under the management of the Mandarin Oriental.

The flag staff at the top is the location of Indonesian flag when it was first flown in Indonesia. According to the current Hotel Majapahit website, a group of Dutch flew their country's flag in defiance of the Independence Proclamation by Sukarno. In anger, a group of Indonesians climbed up the hotel and tore off the blue part of the flag, leaving the red and white, which later became the Indonesian flag.

Behind the hotel lobby, is the main ballroom, the Balai Andika. It is quite a stately building, comprising of 2 floors. The main entrance is flanked by stained glass windows. This was the original building when it was first built. The front lobby was added later.

 This is a picture of the stained glass window.

I did not take any photos inside the ballroom but I lifted this from the brochure. It reminds me of the Ford Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

This is a shot from outside the ballroom, which is on the left hand side. The courtyard is quite peaceful, with the fountain and the bench.

This is the Grand Staircase. It reminds me of Raffles Hotel


Going to my room, I have to go through this long hallway. Notice the lamps and the nice ceramic floor. These rooms has their own private windows which opened to the hallway. I guess during that time, it was quite warm so the windows are all opened.

My room is the Garden Terrace Room. It is quite large and the furnishings are mostly wood, making it dark and gloomy.

The door on the left of this picture leads to a small balcony which overlook the Garden Courtyard.

The bathroom.

The light switches. The brass furnishing giving it a very high shine.

This is the view from my room balcony during the day. The garden courtyard is quite huge and it is surroundedby, if I remember correctly, 3 hotel blocks, 2 storey each.

I decided to explore the courtyard a bit more. Raffles Hotel has a similar courtyard as this but they cemented it and converted it to a lounge and 'beer garden'. Who knows, maybe Raffles Hotel was like this courtyard before.

On the right of the picture below is the garden entrance to the Presidential Suite. Numerous dignitaries, past and present has stayed at this suite, including previous Indonesian presidents.

Another view of the Presidential suite.

One thing you may noticed in all these pictures, where are the guests??

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