Monday, 2 January 2012

7 Led Flashlight Headlamp

There is a chain of hardware store in Indonesia called Ace Hardware Store, a division of the US brand. Imagine Home-Fix but the size of a Giant superstore, all filled with hardware, outdoor and indoor goodies. Its competition in the US is Home Depot, just to give you an idea. It is stocked with a combination of local and foreign made tools and gadget.

It is at such a place that the wife convinced me to get this 7-Led Headlamp by ThinkTank Technology. Here are some photos of the device.

Amazon has the same product here.
But I cannot remember how much I bought it for at Ace.


 The unboxing of the lamp.

The top strap that goes across the head is slightly shorter than the one that goes around the head.

The battery housing takes in 3 x AAA Size battery.

The battery housing slides into the lamp.

Light is quite intense. I am quite happy with the purchase. I remember the kitchen sink had a choke. I trace it all the way to the gully trap in the kitchen. That was the easy part. The trap was quite deep and it was dark. I  had to use a handheld torchlight and it was not easy to hold and clear the choke at the same time. I knew at that time I had to get a headlamp.

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