Friday, 30 December 2011

Hand Tools Made in China

If India is the BackOffice support of the world, then China must be the factory of the world. The things the country churns out is amazing. They only need to work on their QC and they would be world class standard.

There are a couple of neighbourhood stores near my estate that sells a lot of China made products. But my favourite is the hardware selection.

I had to dismantle my daughter's crib and put it in storage. Instead of using the Allen key that came together with the crib, I decided to buy a set.

I got this 9-piece Hex Key or Allen key for SGD4.90. The package claims that it is made from Cr-Mo-V(Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium), which is synthetic steel used amongst high-end tools. It comes in a nice plastic jacket that holds it in place and you can hang it in your garage if need be or if you have one.

The fact that it costs so little is incredible. China-made products has reduce these items to a 'disposable' level. Even if it is not made from Cr-Mo-V and start to rust, I can just throw these away and get a new one.

Now compare it with this: Stanley 85-753 22 Piece Long Arm Metric Hex Key Set at Amazon.

Stanley is a reputable US brand, well known for its quality tools. Their hex key in the picture is made from black oxide finish which resists rust. At the moment, it cost USD13.34 which is within acceptable range. But somehow, I would still choose the China-made tool. I do not have to care too much if it is a China-made product.

Another China-made item which I bought was this measuring tape.

It has 2-quick buttons, one on the side and one underneath. When the buttons are depressed, it holds the tape in place.

The slider lock holds it more longer. It has a solid industrial feel to it. Cost: SGD3.90
A man is only as good as his tools. But as long as it goes the job done at a tremendous cost savings, why not?

I may not own a garage or a workshop but these tools, in their small way, helps me get the job done.

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