Saturday, 6 September 2014

Otterbox Commuter for Samsung Galaxy S4

I bought the Otterbox Commuter for the Samsung S4, which I wrote in my previous post here. I am a great fan of the Otterbox products. It is a reliable product with an excellent customer service. If there is any fault on their products, they would provide a replacement item. I wrote about my experience dealing with them in several of my earlier postings.

I would prefer the Otterbox Defender as it provides the ultimate protection, against dust and water but the handphone becomes a bulky. It is quite unsightly with such a bulky phone sticking out of your front pants pocket. So I have decided to get the Commuter. There was a price reduction to SGD$39 from SGD$49 because no one is buying the S4 anymore due to S5 being out in the market.

Here are the unboxing photos:

Front box: Price reduction

For the Galaxy S4.

Back packaging. 2 layer protection with screen
protector provided.

Comparing against the Samsung S4.

Contents: The silicone, the plastic and the screen protector.

A great case indeed.

The Samsung S4 came with a plastic protector which I
have left on. So I will keep the Otterbox screen protector.

The silicone goes on the S4. A snug fit.

I was worried with the headphone cover as
it was flapping out. Could this be a
production mistake?

Similarly with the charging port cover. Nothing
is holding it down. 

Plastic outer layer is placed and the headphone
is locked down.
Similarly with the charging port. The cover is
tied down by the plastic layer.

Altogether now. Front.
The back.

Another view.

Nice colour combination.

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