Saturday, 6 September 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4: Unboxing

I have moved to a new company. It provides systems and solutions for the fund management and wealth management space. I am comparing my new firm with my previous workplace and it is definitely better. There is more staff and more structured compared to the 7-man operation working off from a service office.

The new workplace provided a new phone for me. It is the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is a step back from the current S5 but it is a new Android experience for me. All these while, I have always been an iPhone person. I liked it and I thought it was the best phone I have ever used, until I used the S4. 

For my iPhone, I am on an old plan which provides 12GB of data. The telcos' are not providing these plan anymore. The maximum on a brand new plan is 4GB. So if I recontract my plan, it will revert back to 4GB. So i have swapped out the SIM cards between the S4 and my iPhone. My S4 now has 12Gb of data but the 4G network is with the iPhone, which is quite redundant.

Couple of things wow me over

- the large screen
- the removal battery. I am getting very bad battery life for my iPhone. Having a interchangeable battery  on the S4 helps.
- the upgrade of memory. I bought a 16GB SD card which was a mistake. I should have bought a 32GB SD card instead.  

Unfortunately, I am quite late on the Android bandwagon. As can be seen by these post. But I am quite sold on the S4. 

The unboxing photos. 

The Samsung Galaxy S4 front box.

Left view of the box.

The phone.

The peripherals.

Under the phone. A useful manual of transferring contacts from other phone
to the S4

Peripherals: UK plug adaptor, charging cable and handsfree.

With the manuals.

Another view of the UK plug adaptor.

The Samsung S4, activated.

I have to admit the screen resolution is so much better than the iPhone 4. Maybe the iPhone 4 is using old screen resolution but photos on the S4 is quite brilliant.

Next post: the Otterbox Commuter cover for the S4.

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