Friday, 26 October 2012

7-inch Tablet: IMO Tab X5 Unboxing

I have an iPad2. The wife has the New iPad(3rd Gen). But we hardly get to use it peacefully because my 2-year old daughter is so familiar with the iPad navigation that she uses it more than we do.

The wife decided to buy 7" tablet from Jakarta at less than SGD100. It is running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The CPU is a dual-core 1 Ghz Arm v7. The full specs can be found here.

The most important thing is, it has to run Youtube effectively and smoothly. This is for my daughter as she watches her kiddies videos on our iPad.

But so far, I am quite impressed with the speed of the device. It runs on wifi and there is also an ebook feature. Additional memory can be from the SD card slot. It is much smaller than the iPad, which means it is convenient for travels.

However, there a few downsides to this device. The battery life is quite bad. On a full charge, it lasts for about 1.5 to 2 hours. This is for a 7" tablet!!! So you can forget about bringing this device for trips.

The screen resolution can be better. There are some 'bleeding' images on certain screens.

The device uses the old Nokia type charging tip. Every device is moving towards micro-USB but not the IMO device.

I suspect the device is catered for a certain segment of the market where the iPad is out of their reach. If that is the case, it is truly commendable but at least fix the battery life!!!

But if you can, I would recommend an iPad or iPad mini. Apple iPad products has proven itself countless times. The usage, the apps and the battery life is truly an Apple experience.

My unboxing photos:

The specs of the tablet.

Runs on ICS 4.0

The paraphenelia.


 The product build is quite good.

There is a small speaker behind it.

The location of the SD card slot.

Other slots: Headphone, HDMI, USB and the power tip charger.

Volume and power switch.

A perspective on the size of the tablet.

According to Phil Schiller of Apple on the October 23rd 2012 Apple event, the Android tablet is just a glorified Android phone OS, stretched for the tablet requirement. Is it true?

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