Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cisco Linksys EA4500 Router - Unboxing

I have a D-Link DIR 615 which was given by Starhub when I signed up for Maxonline 4 years ago. That router has served me well. It was so good that I was convinced that D-Link had good, reliable products. I started to buy D-Link related products, like the Sharecenter Pulse DNS 320, the Mobile Router DIR 505 which I blogged about here.

My problem with the DIR 615 happened when 2 of its antennae broke. After which, my wifi reception dropped drastically. My devices could not sustain a solid connectivity with the router wireless. The signal dropped regularly. This happened for a few months.

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The 2 antennae broke so I tried taping it together. It did not work. The signal was not strong enough.

I plan to keep the DIR 615 as a back-up or a bridging router.

I had to look for an alternate router. One requirement was that the new router must have a strong range signal. At first I looked at D-Link but its current range of routers could not meet my requirements.

So I moved to other brands, until I came across the Cisco Linksys series router. One particular model, the EA4500 had my attention. It claims to provide an extensive wireless coverage. 

In the September 2012 PC Show, the router was selling at SGD299. I bought this in Kuala Lumpur for MYR599, which is equivalent to around SGD240.

The router.

Additional items.

Underneath the sealed router, the set-up CD.

One thing that impresses me, is that Cisco provided 2 interchange plug for its power unit. Even the D-Link does not provide 2 sets of plug for its router. You can see this on the above picture.

Behind the router, there are 4 ports and a USB port. It also comes with an UTP cable.

Set-up was very easy.

I like the sleek design. The CISCO words glow.

For a detail review of the router, you can go Lester Chan's excellent blog here.

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