Saturday, 6 October 2012

Travel Essentials: D-Link DIR 505 UK Version Travel Wireless Router

It is common nowadays for hotels to have wifi access. Most of the time it is complimentary. Unfortunately, with the login and password provided, it is restricted to only one device. If your laptop is connected to the hotel wifi, then your iPad and/or iPhone will be kicked out of the access. One will be kicked out for the other device. This is quite annoying, especially with the number of devices one brings for trips.

On my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, I went to the local IT shopping mall, Plaza Low Yat which was walking distance from the hotel I stayed. I blogged about my hotel stay here.

I came across this device, the D-Link DIR 505, which is a compact wireless router. According to D-Link website, its a 'All-in-one mobile companion'. It has 4 functionality i.e. its a plug-in router, has access point mode, repeater mode and can do wi-fi hot spot mode.

As a wi-fi hotspot mode, it opens up the single wi-fi signal from the hotel room and connects to multiple devices without any restrictions. The hotel wifi sees the DIR 505 as a single device. It is really an ingenious device for a wireless router.

The unboxing.

Printed with Soy Ink?

Most important, its a 3-pin plug!!
One of the annoying things about the D-Link product sold here is its affinity to using 2-pin instead of the British 3-pin set-up. Their powerline products sold here are all on 2-pin. That has prevented me from purchasing it at one point.

The different configuration for the DIR 505.

The size of the device is small. Useful for trips. But the documentation are quite limited. 
I have to go online and on youtube to check on the proper setup.

Below the device, you can connect a cat-5 cable for LAN. 
This is useful if the hotel does not provide wi-fi but LAN instead. 
You connect the LAN to this wireless router and convert it as wifi hotspot.
The USB is a another useful feature. It can be used to charge your mobile devices.

There are 3 selection mode.

Green light means its working and its connected to a network. 
You would need to go the admin page to do the settings.

Setting up the DIR 505 for WiFi HotSpot

Wifi Hotspot is the usual selection for me. 

1) Select the switch to 'Wi-Fi Hot Spot'. Plug it in and turn it on.
2) Locate the D Link Wifi on the laptop or iDevice. Select the D Link Wifi and ensure that your laptop or iDevice is connected to the D Link wifi.
3) Open a web browser and go to The Wireless Setup Wizard would appear. Follow the instructions. It will scan for any existing network available.
4) Select your hotel Wifi and click Connect. Enter the password that was issued by the hotel.
5) Give a Wifi Network name and password. This would distinguish your DIR 505 wifi network from the rest. Click on Save. For example, I would give the wifi network name that I just create as 'DIR505-Intercontinental'.
6) Complete the process and the router will reboot. 
7) Locate your DIR 505 wifi that you just created i.e. 'DIR505 Interncontinental' and enter the password.
8) This time, you are connected to the Hotel wifi, through the DIR 505.

Its small, light and compact.
Provides 3 different type of configurations.
Expands the wifi network, useful if you have multiple devices.

Wifi setup is a bit tricky
User manual is limited. Need to go online to get the full manual.

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