Saturday, 17 January 2015

Bluelounge Sanctuary4

I blogged about the Apple OEM 15W 4-USB Desktop charger here. Although a good product to have around the house, it presents a messy problem. USB Cables are all over the place. From the photo below, I've used only 2 ports and it is already an eyesore. 

Cables, cables, all over.

I bought the Bluelouge Santuary4 to replace the Apple 4 USB Port cable messy problem from Omigo. The normal price for the Santuary4 is SGD139 but there is a 20% off. So the final price is SGD111.20 which is a good deal. Because it is a local website, I ordered on the 17th Nov 2014 and it arrived the next day.

Here are the unboxing photos.

Box: Front

Box: Back

Box: Back with details.

To charge multiple devices simultaneously. 4th version?

Box: Side. There is a stand for iPad

The item itself. The top panel is covered with a soft material to
protect the mobile devices.

The plug with additional adaptors.

It comes with a complimentary Micro USB cable. Nice!!

A short cable, just nice.

The charging unit is below the panel.

Cables connected. The panel goes on top... devices go on top. Cables hidden.

I do not know why Bluelounge labeled this as the 4th version / generation Sanctuary. There was only one previous Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Version 1.

Bluelounge provided dedicated charging cable for the Sanctuary Version 1. There are a couple of redundant cables here.

Charging cable.

And also, there was the Refresh

Charging cables are less but still dedicated.

But it seems a bit cramped?

So I can see the Sanctuary4 is a combination of both the 1st Sanctuary and the Refresh. They have done away with the dedicated cable and provided a bit more space, including catering for tablets by provided a back stand. Overall, a good product from Bluelounge with a lot of consideration given for their users.

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