Saturday, 15 December 2012

Travel Essentials: Travel Extension Power Cord.

One of the most annoying things when one is staying at a hotel either for business or pleasure is the lack of power sockets. In most hotels, there will always be a study or writing table in the room. You will be lucky to find more than 1 free power socket near the table. Another location where there is hardly any power socket is near the bedside table.

I need sufficient power socket for the devices that I carry for business or pleasure. Typically I would bring the following:
1) laptop for work.
2) blackberry
3) iphone
4) ipad. I would read ebooks or surf the net before I go bed.
5) D-Link DIR 505 Mobile router. To extend the wifi network of the hotel room. I blogged about it here.

That would mean a minimum of at least 2 power sockets by the writing table for the laptop and router. And 3 by the bed because I need to charge the iPhone, iPad and 'berry. I charged it by the bed because I use the phones as alarm clocks.

Every time, after checking into my room, I would go on my hands and knees looking for extra power socket. I had enough. I have decided to look around for a travel extension cord. It has to small and light.

After much survey, I came across the following extension cord from Monster - Outlets to Go Power Strips.

Unfortunately, they do not have a UK plug version of this. The design of this device is quite good. A lot of thought has gone to it, to make it travel-friendly.

On one of my trips to Kuala Lumpur, I came across this power extension cord, the Powerlink Modulinks Socket. What attracted to me was it comprised of modular units. The basic package consists of 4 individual modules for the UK type 3 pin plug.

Lifetime warranty!! Wow!

The side box shows the various modules which can be used.

The family in the picture look elated using this device.

One thing to take note, item 3 of the instructions say that the last Modulink
Socket is required for the device to work. I have been warned by the salesman
that if I lose the last socket module, the whole thing will not work.

Which one is the last Modulink Socket? It is left socket of the picture on the top right.
It has only one connection on the side, unlike the rest which has connection on both 

The various awards it won.

Unfortunately, the extension cord cable is quite thick. 

The last Modulink socket is seen here on the right hand side.

How the extension cord looks, all connected.

With the light on, means all is active.

So how am I going to bring this cable with the modules around for my trips? In a small case like the one below. Its the Cliptec Universal Travel Organiser. I bought 2 of this at the same place in Kuala Lumpur.

With the Modulinks in the case. Fits just nice.

- I can add or remove the modules.
- Flexible and compact enough.

- the extension cord is quite thick.
- it would be nice if it comes with its own bag.

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