Monday, 3 December 2012

Ikea Stuva Wardrobe.

The Wife and I went to Ikea on a Saturday night. She is going through her home improvement phase and she wanted to get a wardrobe for The Daughter. She has her sight on the Stuva Wardrobe with Pink doors, here.

As a dutiful husband, I followed and helped her. We bought several other items, which I will blog about later. Unfortunately, the Stuva box and the rest of the stuff was too big for the car. So we had to get it delivered the next day, with installation. I would prefer to install it myself but because we also bought the Trofast frame, it was better if we get them to install it together.

The frame is in white.

Getting ready the stands.

Building the frame was quite easy and fast.

 Next are the doors.

The hinges are the soft closing type.

One side completed.

Both sides ready.

The basket is an additional item we bought.

The basket can be seen at bottom of the wadrobe.
Do note that the white shelf is bought separately.

The completed look

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