Saturday, 8 December 2012

Ikea Trofast Frame with Storage Boxes.

Another Ikea project. The Wife and I realised that The Daughter's toys have grown exponentially. We needed a place for her to place her stuff as it is all over the place. The Wife did her survey of storage spaces and decided on the Trofast Frame from Ikea.

We bought the trays and the storage boxes to complement the frame.

I wanted to install the frame myself but because it was bought together with the Stuva wardrobe, we had the delivery boys installed it.

I have to say the installation of the Trofast frame took a lot more effort than the Stuva wardrobe.

The Trofast trays bought.

The box.

The box opened. The guide rails are placed.

Guide rails placed.

Taking into shape. Only left the base.

Base in placed.

Another view.

With all the toys/

The carpet is from Ikea. Its called the Vandring Spar. We bought it because it has a latex backing, which makes it 'stick' to the floor and it does not slide. The design is suppose to cultivate imagination from the child. Errr, ok....sure. More like a marketing gimmick.

The table is the Sansad table, which I installed and blogged about it below.

The Daughter loves her play corner now. Her toys are now well kept and she has space and place to play.

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  2. That's an awesome organizer for your storage boxes. That's one good furniture.