Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sitex 2012 - Jambox Bluetooth Speakers

Sitex 2012 was held 22-25 November 2012. I will be blogging some of the devices that I bought at the Exhibition.

First is the Jawbone Jambox. It is a bluetooth speaker that can work with the various iDevices. It has received a lot of good reviews. I have listened to demo product at numerous places and I am quite impressed. The reason I bought it is mainly for my business travels. At nights, when I am working on my laptop in my hotel room, I would listen to internet radio from my laptop and the sound would come out from the laptop speakers. The sound can be quite pathetic at times.

I have been looking for a compact bluetooth speakers and my needs are quite simple. It has to be small and portable but the sound has to be powerful. I have read reviews on various other speakers from Creative and Logitech for bluetooth speakers but nothing has as much good reviews as the Jambox. It has a good battery life and connectivity is simple.

So on the Sitex 2012, there was a good price promotion on it, which was too good to miss. I bought the device and have been using it since.

My unboxing photos:

You can get an idea on the size of the Jambox bluetooth speaker
from the image of the hand holding it.

The contents of the box.

This is the colour that I chose. I like the texture of the speakers.

At the side, these are the ports and switch.

Jawbone has kept the packaging like an Apple package.
Compact and neat.

I am glad they have provided a plug attachment. It also includes a black felt case
at the top of the picture.

The charging plug uses micro-USB. Thank goodness for that.

There are 3 buttons at the top.

The bluetooth speaker is capable of loud sound.

- It is small, compact but produces a very loud soud
- can also be used as a speakerphone if it is connected by bluetooth to the iphone.
- very good battery life

- normal price is quite pricey.

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