Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sitex 2012 - Powerbank Dual USB Portable Battery Powerocks

The Powerocks Stone 3 is a rechargeable portable battery charger catered for the various portable devices that we use everyday. The capacity is quite large for a small device. Its 7800 mAh. It has 2 USB output, which means it can charge 2 devices at the same time. The capacity of the 2 USB output is 2.1A and 2.0A respectively.

For recharging, it has 2 types of USB input to recharge, micro and mini-USB which gives users a choice. This is a very useful feature.

The red light is the power on/off switch.
The rest of the lights indicate the battery level.

The package includes a nice bag and micro-USB cable.

Output at the individual USB is 2.1A, sufficient to charge
the 2 x iPads.

The items laid out.

There are 2 type of ports used to charge. This is nice feature
which allows to have a choice of the cables used to
charge the device.

Works on Blackberry.

Works on the old iPhone 3

Works on the iPad.

The device being charged using a micro-USB cable.

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