Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sitex 2012 - Energizer Rechargeable Battery AP1201 for iPhone 4

Energizer has been producing a line of portable rechargeable battery chargers. The Energi To Go lineup is quite innovative. One of it caught my interest for the quite awhile. It is the Energizer AP1201 for the iPhone. As my iPhone is a hand-me-down, it's battery life is quite short. I needed a boost.

So at Sitex 2012, I bought this Energizer AP1201 for the iPhone 4. It works for the 4S as well. Original price was SGD119 but at Sitex, it's at SGD49. I think they mark it down because of the introduction of iPhone 5.

It is a rechargeable battery embedded into its silicon skin. The skin offers minimal protection as compared to my Otterbox Commuter, as can be seen from the pictures below. The Otterbox Commuter offers superb protection for the iPhone. It was with a heavy heart that I replaced the Commuter with the AP1201.

The Energizer Rechargeable Battery AP1201 provides additional battery power to the iPhone. There are a series of indicators behind it to show the battery status and it provides the additional charge continuously. However, the Energizer AP1201 does add weight to your phone. It tends to pull my pants down when I put it in my front pocket.

The battery life claims to be extended after the use of the AP1201.

It comes with a very short micro-USB cable.

My original Otterbox Commuter case for the iPhone. There is a raised bezel 
around the iPhone. This protects the iPhone screen if 
it is dropped or scratched.

 The Otterbox Commuter comprises of a silicon skin and a plastic 
polycarbonate outer layer.

 The length of the AP1201 is longer than the Otterbox.

 After putting on the AP1201, the charging port is now at the side.

 There are 2 gaps at the bottom of the AP1201 for the speakers of
the iPhone.

The light indicator for the battery level.

 It gives the iPhone perpetual charge. 

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