Saturday, 26 October 2013

Travel Essentials: Modulinks USB Charger for Modulinks Main Socket

I blogged about one of my travel essentials, which is the Powerlink Modulinks Socket extension power cord here. I have brought this modular extension cord for all my travels and it is a life saver. 

On my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I bought one of their add-on modules, the USB charger. Maximum output is 2.1Amp but only when one port is being used. If both are used, then the 2.1Amp is shared between the 2 ports.

Here are the unboxing photos:

Has to be used with the Modulinks Main Socket.

If you are charging an iPad, you can only use one USB port as the 
max is 2.1Amp.

The male part...

...and the female part.

It goes with the rest of the Powerlink modules.

Turning it on and it works.

Connecting with my Innergie cable..

..and it works.

Another item to add to my travel essentials.

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