Monday, 14 October 2013

Travel Essentials: Arctic Charger PRO 4 Rev 2 - USB Charger for iPads, iPhones and others.

I blogged about the 4-Port USB Charger here. I bought it at one of the PC Show in Singapore. It was a good device. It was able to charge my iPad, mutiple iPhones, multiple Blackberries and Jambox speakers. However, there was an occasion, on my trip to Hong Kong, where I tried to charge the devices all at the same time, using the 4-ports simultaneously. Almost immediately, there was a burning crispy smell coming from the charger. I quickly unplugged it and stopped using all 4 ports. Ever since then, I have been looking for a reliable replacement. 

I read about the Arctic Charger Pro 4 couple of times in the Flyertalk Forum. There was lot of recommendation for the charger. Unfortunately, I could not find it in Singapore. I did find it on my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur. 

Here are the unboxing photos:

The 2 orange USB output supports simultaneous
fast charge for iPhone and iPad. 

It says compatible with all kind of devices. 

The fast charge is quite good.

Another feature, it comes in several plugs and a bag to keep it all
together!! Awesome.

Output it says 5V - 2.5V

Another feature, it is designed by Arctic Switzerland. That has to 
be reliable.

The 2-pin plug is attached to the device.

Even though it is designed in Switzerland, it is still made in 

Inside the blue box contains...

..the plugs and bag.

The 3 plugs, which is more than adequate for me. You just need to
slide it into the charger.

Here is the 1st charger that I bought, in black. The design is quite 

Another view of it.

The plug can be removed. It can be interchange but
additional plugs are sold separately.

There is a small orange light which indicates thatt the 
device is active.

However, a word of caution. Even though it says the Arctic USB charger is able to charge 4 devices simultaneously, there is a circuit breaker inside which will not charge all devices if it is overloaded. For example, 2x iPads and 2x iPhones simultaneously. This is a safety feature which is missing from my black generic charger. It continues to charge all 4 devices and fried itself. I would not recommend that generic black charger if you ever come across it. 

Here is my review of the generic black here.

The Arctic charger would be a much safer buy.

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