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Bali 2013 Part 2: Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali

I blogged about the 1st part of our Bali stay in August 2013 here where we stayed at the Westin Resort in Nusa Dua Bali. 

On the 2nd par of our stay, we moved to the Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali in Benoa. This area is known for its water sports and it is a short drive from the Nusa Dua area.

What attracted us to the Grand Mirage is the kids friendly attraction and all-inclusive deals, which we opted for. There are no hidden terms or conditions for this all-inclusive, unlike the Club Med version. It is very attractive to those who drink liquor because beer and cocktails are included. Even the mini-bar in the hotel room is included. Food and in-between snacks are also free flow.

I have copied and paste the details of the all-inclusive below. 

Meals Included

Buffet breakfast is served daily from 07.00 am till 10.30 am at the Grand Café Coffee Shop. This 24-hour restaurant also serves breakfast box for tour. An advance order is required one day prior the tour.


Grand Mirage offers various selections of menu: buffet lunch at Grand Café, Jukung with its A'La Carte menu, pool & beach menu, and room service menu. Buffet lunch is served daily from noon till 03.00 pm at the Grand Café Coffee Shop. A special picnic lunch basket for tour could be prepared if there is an advance order one day prior the tour date. Included in this basket are potato chips, fruit and some other light snacks. The box could be picked up on the front desk. 


Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, Grand Mirage serves buffet dinner at the Grand Café from 07.00 pm till 10.00 pm. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, themed night dinner buffet is served at the Rama Stage with the amusing companion of various cultural shows. Meat and seafood menu at Jukung, International food at Grand Café, Italian and Mediterranean at La Cascata, and room service menu are provided for dinner during the respective opening hours. 

Chinese Chopstick Restaurant

Set menu is available for all inclusive customers at the Chopstick restaurant for lunch and dinner from 11.00 am-02.00 pm and from 06.30 pm till 10.00 pm. The restaurant is located in Mirage Resort. (Special discount is provided for a la carte). Please also note this restaurant serves a limited selection of beverages.

Hungry in between & Supper

Room Service and A'la Carte menus in open restaurants are available.

Afternoon Tea & Coffee Buffet

Daily from 03.00 pm till 05.00 pm near the Mango Parlour Terrace close to Grand Café. In particular conditions, the afternoon tea & coffee buffet are served in the garden or pool area.

What is not included in our Meal Package

Lobster and prawn are not available as a single order, but available as a mixed seafood platter. 30 % discount of selling rate is offered for lobster and prawn as a single order.

Room Service

Included 24 hours, please select any meal from the "in-room dining menu "No beverages are delivered by room service but mini bar is available.

Beverages Include

All Inclusive Beverages and Service Hours

Selections of cocktails, soft drink, wine & beer by glass and other drinks are included in special all-inclusive drink list. Beverages are mixed from selected international and local brand beverage and served by glass. Please order one beverage at a time. Beverages are available from 11.00am till just after midnight.

Selected Premium Brands

Selection of Premium beverages from 09.00 pm till midnight are available at Panorama Lounge only based on All inclusive beverage list

No beverage service from 01 am to 11 am.

Beverages are also served around the pool and beach during the respective operation hours.

Beverage Discount, What kind of Beverage is not included

30 % discount on imported beverages which are not on the all-inclusive menu. The bill will be presented when it has to be signed. The charge will be posted to personal room account and the discount will be deducted once the bill is settled at the front office cashier. 

Cocktail Party

By invitation. 

Your Mini Bar

Mini Bar is included and filled daily. No beverages are delivered by room service.

Beverages Info

Beverages included in the All Inclusive package are served by glass. Please note, Grand Mirage has instructed the respective staffs not to prepare any alcoholic beverages to guests who seem to have more than enough. "All Inclusive" policy does not permit to order drinks for anyone else except "All Inclusive" guests. If the guests order a drink for a non "All Inclusive" guest the waiter/tress will automatically charge the cost to personal room account.

Non Motorize Water Sport Includes

Ocean Kayak

Both small and big ocean kayak are available at the Mirage non motorized water sport counter. The water sport attendants are ready to guide the guests for playing Kayak.


Available at Mirage Water Sport counter. The windsurfer at Grand Mirage is a "Starboard Start", perfect for beginner. The experienced water sport attendants are ready to guide the guests for enjoying windsurfing. Please wear the life jacket.

Catamaran Sailing

The catamaran is available at the Mirage Water sport counter. The schedule of catamaran is on the information board. Please be informed the use of this kind of water sport is only permitted with life jacket and an instructor will operate the catamaran.

Ski Motorized Watersport Include

(valid for reservations via with minimum 3 night stay included for all inclusive package)
When using the water sport equipment, please be aware of the risk. Water sport activities are considered as the extreme ones.

Jet Ski

For every 3 night stay, each adult will receive one voucher at check in time. Jet ski is available at Mirage water sport during the respective working hours and only if ocean tides are ideal for the use of Jet Ski. 24 hours advance reservation is needed for this water sport. Please present the voucher to the water sport attendant at Batara Water Sport counter near the pool. Please be informed the use of Jet Ski is only permitted with life jacket and the instructor will seat behind the guest on the jet ski. The use of the jet ski is limited to 15 minutes per voucher only. Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted to use the jet ski. The use of the jet ski is at guest's own risk. Management takes no responsibilities for any accident.


Allocated site for Seawalker is about 60 to 70 minutes from Grand Mirage resort. 

Banana Boat

For every 3 night stay, each adult will receive one voucher at check in time. Banana boat is available at Mirage Water sport counter during the respective working hours and only if ocean tide permits the use of Banana - Boat. Please present the voucher to the water sport attendant at the Batara Water sport counter near the pool side. When joining the Banana Boat thrill ride, the use of life jacket is compulsory. Children under 7 years old are not permitted to join. Grand Mirage also like to advise not to wear glasses or contact lens during the banana boat riding. This can include swimming in the middle of the ocean. 

Nusa Dua Speed Boat Cruising

For every 3 night stay, each adult will receive one voucher during check in available from the Mirage water sport counter during the respective working hours and only if ocean tide permits the use of Speed Boat. When joining the speed boat cruise please wear life jacket and children under the age of 3 years are not permitted to join. This ride will take about 15 minutes and cruise along the beach of Nusa Dua. An instructor will operate the speed boat.

Activities and more

Sport & Recreation Activities
For details about the daily ongoing sport and recreation activities, please see Sport & Recreation Activities.
Timing, venue and sport and recreation activities can change with advance notice. This depends on weather condition and number of participant. 

Games Room, Majong Room and Karaoke Room

Open daily from 08.00 am till midnight. These rooms are located on the first floor, beside the lobby waterfall. Business center is available for 60 min/day/person.

Internet use at the Cools Lounge (Game Room)

Daily 30 minutes included for "All Inclusive", using the hotel computers, available from 08.00 am till midnight near the games room.
Complimentary Wi-Fi access in room and all resort area. 

Gym Room

Open daily from 08.00 am till 10.00 pm. Children under 15 years are not permitted at the Gym Room. Located in the Cools Lounge. 

Tennis Court, Racket, Ball

Open daily from 07.00 am till 10.00 pm. For reservation, and equipment, please contact the Guest Manager.

Educational Activities

Submerging with Indonesia and Bali through the activities: Indonesian language to napkin folding, Balinese Religion, Caste and Etiquette, and other attractive activities!

Live Music

3 times a week, live music is available at Panorama Lounge from 07.00 pm till about 11.30 pm.

Cultural Performance

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Rama Stage starting at 07.00 pm, Grand Mirage features a wide range of entertainment from Nusantara Dance, Legong Dance, Kecak to Latino Cabaret Show, Fire Dance and DJ.

Mirage Quartet

2 times a week in different locations within the resort. 

Wrist Band

The wrist band is to indicate the all-inclusive guests. This I.D. wristband should be worn during the stay in Grand Mirage. Please do not try to open the I.D. wrist band. The wrist band will be cut at the check-out time or bill settlement. 

Check in Time

14.00 hours. 

Check out time

Exclusive for guests who book on check out time is extended to 14.00 hours.

Left Over food or Beverages

The management of Grand Mirage keeps the right to charge our guest for any leftover food and beverages. This symbolic and minimal charge will be donated by the management of Grand Mirage to the orphanage house in Denpasar Bali.

Here are some photos of our stay there.

When we checked in, we were moved to a reception room for the 
checking in process. Here is the view from that room.

Part of the grounds.

Within the lobby area, there is a man-made waterfall.

This is the hall way entrance of our room.

There is a sofa at the end of the hallway.

The master bed room. The area is quite big.

The glass area opposite is the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom, its the free-standing bathtub.

With the sink on the left and shower area on the right. On the background,
is the toilet.

Another view of it.

Another view of the room, from the bathroom door. The bed is 
on the left.

The living area, leading to the balcony.

The view from the balcony. It was quite a bright sunny day.

Another view from the balcony.

The view down from the balcony. This is area where they have
themed nights with the buffet spread all around it.

The small pool on the right is where the Spa is.

The view of the balcony looking in.

Another view of the living area.

The view of the sea, from the balcony.

Another view.

Part of the activities for kids: kite flying!! But not only 
the kids are playing this.

We were lucky to have good weather when we were there.

I would recommend the Grand Mirage to anyone with a family. They have daily activities scheduled on their notice board and anyone can participate. When we were there, the place was buzzing with life from the kids and the parents, running about or just enjoying the sun. The all-inclusive is an added bonus, where we do not have to worry about what to drink. You can even have free flow of coconut drink by the pool the whole day.

The service by the hotel is quite good. The staff on the ground and the reception area are always very helpful.

This is a place where we are already thinking of coming back again.

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