Saturday, 4 August 2012

New iPad Screen Protector - For sale

I bought The Wife the New iPad for our anniversary. My iPad2 has been shared between The Wife and The Daughter. I hardly get to use it. Now, with her own iPad, I have 1 less person to share with.

As with any iDevices, you have to get the peripherals. The screen protector that is sold at the Apple shop is fricking expensive. I do not know why they are so expensive. Its ridiculous. Until I came across this protector at the neighbourhood store, selling at SGD14.00. It is definitely cheaper that the stuff I have seen at the Apple shops.

The sticker says for iPad2 but it works for New iPad.

It says 'The Greatest Protector For Your Screen.' How can you go wrong with that?

 Some industrial certified logo.


I tried taking photos of the new Ipad with the screen protector but it was difficult to show the difference, with and without the protector.

Anyway, if any of my readers are interested in buying this screen protector, let me know. Price does not include shipping and postage.

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