Sunday, 19 August 2012

Eblouir iPhone4S cover

The Wife recently upgraded her phone to an iPhone 4S. I got her old iPhone4. This is my first iPhone. I am kind of late in the iphone bandwagon but I have to admit it is quite an awesome phone. 

Anyway, that is for another blogpost. Coming back to the wife. With her new iphone4s, she bought a new casing from eblouir. Its a Korean brand and it costs SGD99. Its a 2 tone ostrich skin cover.

Other than the description, it has to be the most lousiest piece of shit that we have ever bought. It is costly and it does not serve it function at all. The flip-clip does not even hold the cover in place. It becomes loose not even after a month.

Furthermore, how do we charge the phone if there is no slot for the charging pin? We would have to remove the phone or open the flip cover to access the charging slot. I wonder who was the genius who designed this and who was the genius that approved this damn thing to be released to the public.

My advise, avoid this brand. They should be banned and burned.

It may look nice at first.

You can see the 2 tone leather.

Err, so how do we charge the iPhone? Anyone??

With the flip opened.

Wonderful product Eblouir. I hope your company goes bankrupt for your wonderful design flaw.

This is such a contrast from another case that The Wife has for her previous iPhone 3 from Marware.

 Its called the Accent. It has a very nice cover and it comes in variety of colours. The Wife choose yellow.

Marware has the sense of not using clip for its flip cover.

Instead, it uses velcro.

Between the velcro spots, there is a slot for you to charge the phone, without taking it out from the case.

I can tell a lot of 'human technology' has been used to design this wonderful case. The headphone jack, camera, volume buttons, speaker, microphone and dock connector are all accessible whether the flip cover is open or closed.

Unlike the silly overpriced eblouir case.

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