Saturday, 21 July 2012

Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta, June 2012

On my recent visit to Jakarta, I stayed at the Le Meridien. It is not exactly an ideal location. The city is building an elevated highway next to the hotel. The roads around the hotel are being diverted and it takes 30-45 minutes just to get on the main road from the hotel.

I would prefer a hotel nearby a shopping mall. This would give me more dining choices and rates that are better than eating in a hotel, even if I am staying for business. One would have to take a cab to go to the nearest mall for eats.

But for this trip, I stayed at the Executive Suite at the hotel. A lot of the hotels are fully booked due to the local governor elections. The suite is quite big as compared to my needs i.e. sleep and shower.

After you enter the room, there is a short hallway. The room opposite is the toilet.

As we enter in, one can see the toilet. On the left is the 1st TV.

As we turn left from the hallway, you can see the living room area.

 As we turn left further, we can see the rest of the living room. The other room is the bedroom.
I was quite surprised at how big this room was.

 The bedroom.

 On the left, is the hallway for the 2nd toilet with wardrobe.

The bed.

The 2nd TV in the bedroom.
The wardrobe area.


The toilet. You can see, its a bit antiquated.

The shower area.

The view from my room.

On the right is an abandoned construction site. It has been there since 1998. Nothing is being done about it. Its quite an eyesore.

This is the main lobby. Up ahead is the reception area.

On the left of the lobby is the main hotel restaurant.

Another view of the lobby.

The long hallway to get to the elevator to my room. On the left of the hallway is the swimming pool and smoking area.

The swimming pool and smoking area.

The elevator to my room.

The view of the hotel from outside.

The hotel was opened in 1982 by Ibu Tien Soeharto, the old man's wife.

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