Friday, 13 July 2012

Chili Crab at Jumbo Seafood East Coast Park, 7th July 2012

The wife and I had some relatives over last weekend. We treated them to a seafood dinner at Jumbo at East Coast Parkway, here.

The service is quite good. The waiters and waitresses, although are at an 'aunty' age, are quite attentive to their customer needs.

The wife started off with Corn Soup with Crab Meat. Nice!!

Followed by the 'piece de resistance.'

Their famous Chili Crab.

 Accompanied by sweet buns. It is to be dipped in the Chili Crab sauce.

We ordered the Pepper Crab.

And the Cereal Prawns, de-shelled.

We also ordered the non-guilty food i.e. Baby Kailan in Oyster sauce...


....and steamed fish.

Finally, dessert which was Mango Sago but I forgot to take the pictures.

Overall, it was delicious. The crabs were very fresh as the meat was still hard. Definitely recommend.

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