Saturday, 15 November 2014

Samsung Power Sharing Cable. Male to Male Micro USB Cable.

In my previous post, I mentioned about the Powerskin Battery Charger for Micro-USB. I've also mentioned about the problem that I faced. The flexi-tip of the Powerskin could not accommodate the Otterbox casing that I was using for my Samsung S4 as the flap covering the charging port was in the way of the flexi-tip. 

I bought the PowerSharing Cable by Samsung to overcome this problem. It is not easy trying to find a male-to-male Micro-USB cable. Coming across this Samsung cable was heaven-sent. The direction of the charging is one way and it is indicated on the charging tip. The Power Sharing Cable is meant for a Samsung phone to charge another Samsung device like another Samsung phone or Samsung GearFit watch. 

Here are the unboxing photos.

Box- Front. The direction of the charge is indicated
on the tip.


The cable and manual.

The cable being used together with the
Powerskin battery.

The direction from the Powerskin battery is

The other end of the Powersharing cable is plugged into the receiving device. When the Powerskin is turned on, the device was charged. So I do not need to use the flexi-tip, which is quite a pity as the flexi-tip is the unique selling point. But Powerskin should take into account cases which handphone owners would use to protect their phones. Powerskin should make some allowance into the flexi-tip.

The unused flexi-tip.

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